Our Story

Fosters Fields was opened in 2012 with Soy Candles being my only product. The business was started with candles after my husband commented on making my own because I loved to burn so many. After many hours of research I landed on Soy Wax as the safest and most natural for my journey and so I began the process of pouring in order to sell locally. When I opened this small candle business I was working full time in a Doctors office, Fosters Fields was meant to be more of a hobby that brought me in a few extra dollars and I loved making the candles. However, shortly after I opened I decided I wanted to try soap making after many years of using other hand made soaps and so the skin care line research began. In 2017 I left my full time position for a part time  position at another local office which left me more time to focus on building my business which continues to date. In the past I have vendored at craft shows, sold from my home and website as well as a local store. 

With myself and my children all having sensitive skin, quality ingredients and gentle products are key to my home. Being able to control the ingredients I put into the products made from scratch leaves me feeling much more confident in the safety of Fosters Fields products. My mission to is get natural alternatives into every day products used in the homes of as many people who will listen, being aware of every single ingredient is so important to our health. I started with Soy Candles and have added Cold Process Soap, Lotions, Balms, Lip Balms, Body Wash,Shave Soap and Mens Facial Care and more.

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