About Me

My name is Carrie and together with the support of my family I own and operate Fosters Fields. Established in 2012 in my Durham Ontario Kitchen, Fosters Fields has grown into a dedicated spot within my new home in Hanover Ontario. I have a passion for natural, safe, earth friendly options for our homes. Sensitive skin care is also important to me because my family and myself all have sensitivities!

My love of candles was the inspiration behind Fosters Fields, when a candle pouring hobby quickly became a passion and my candle collection way surpassed what I could burn myself. Having a candle that was natural and clean burning was important to me as I had long had a passion for making eco friendly changes within my home. Soy Wax was and still is my favorite eco friendly wax for many reasons.

Shortly after opening Fosters Fields and many years after trying my first handmade soap from a local soap maker I decided to try my hand at cold process soap making. I was not prepared for the amount of work involved with educating myself in this process but after I made my first batch, I was in love. 

Today Fosters Fields carries a variety of handmade products including body washes, lotions, lip balms, shave soaps and my new solid dish soap. Fosters Fields Soy Candles, Soaps and other products can be purchased by appointment at my home office or at one of 3 local locations where I stock various products. So much appreciation to you guys for making my business growth possible, I will continue to work at making new and exciting products that are safe for your homes!

From our home to yours, thank you!