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To Natural or Not to Natural???

The world we are living in today seems to be moving more to the natural way of doing many things. I like to think that more and more people are realizing the harm in so many things manufactured today. 

I myself began making more earth friendly choices years ago. This does not mean I never by junk, lets be honest here...some times we can't avoid it. When it comes to my home and business, many things I purchase are cleaner for my family and the environment. I married a man who doesn't get quite as concerned with using eco friendly alternatives which sometimes causes stormy seas at home. He often stocks up on freezer bags and other stuff that I don't like and he refuses to try my reusable options. A work in progress!!!

How is this soap related? Well, there is a sketchy line in this industry about what is really natural and what isn't. Some people only use essential oils and earth grown colorants like clay and botanicals. Some use fragrance oils and mica colorants. Both of these options can be marketed as natural products. The line seems to be drawn mainly by the customer. Lets take my soaps for instance. I use essential oils, fragrance oils, mica, clays and other botanicals. I consider myself to be a natural product maker. Why? Because I use no harsh chemicals in my product nor anything that I feel is inappropriate for sensitive skin. This is a rather touchy subject within the bath and body community, and Health Canada doesn't really regulate this aspect of things. The do's and don't's of Health Canada is a whole topic of its own that I may or may not go into some day.

I would never tell anyone that my products are superior because I have met or know of so many wonderful soap makers. I would however tell you to do your research. Not all things are created equally! If you ever have questions about my products, please ask.  In closing, thank you to all of my customers who support Foster Fields and if you also support other soap makers or candle makers....that is also awesome!


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