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Time to Rest

With the festive allure now behind us, we look forward to another year approaching. Here at the Foster home, its like a wave of spiraling emotions after Christmas. The days approaching are filled with festive cheer, excited kids and a stressful Mom trying to make sure every little detail is done before resting. We all enjoyed seeing family and opening gifts and eating way too much junk food. And so, for just a day there was very little that needed to get done...accept eating more junk food!

Just when we snuggle in for a little rest, the excitement of New Years fast approaches. My oldest daughter is at that age where late nights with friends and cocktails ring in the New Year. My other kids are just old enough to assume they can stay up until midnight. This proves challenging after many days of late nights and excitement, but they will again try their best this year to stay up to ring in  2024.

As for Fosters Fields, the winter busy season has come to an end. The stores slow down and the sales start. Yes, there will be some exciting clearance seasonal items posted soon. With the New Year coming in a few days, as a business owner I am already planning my next product, sale, or season.

Running a small business on your own means you have the final say in everything however there are production challenges when your creative side decides to take an extended vacation. There are soaps to be made, which scent do you want to see? Lavender, Patchouli and Blackberry Vanilla soaps and a few others will continue to be favorites however I am juggling a few new scents around for the spring season. Soy Candle spring scents are also coming soon.

What do you want to see in Fosters Fields collection? Bath and Body? Soy Candles? As always, I love your feedback and appreciate everything that you guys do for myself and my business.

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