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Soy Candles and Crystals

Getting back to the Reddit post, there was more to it than just simply fancy botanicals. If you are new here, catch up by taking a look at the first part of this rant.

So, the other part of the Reddit thread was the dangers of adding crystals to the tops of your candles. What do I think about this?

The post mentioned that adding crystals to candle tops had the potential for disaster as the crystal may explode. Now I get that some crystals are not meant to withstand heat however I feel like this is really quite out there! The post did go on to to say that many stones or crystals are man made which may account for the explosions. I am a long time crystal collector, if you have been to my home office than you have seen a tiny part of this collection:) Now, there are many crystals that would not belong on candles for various reasons however if you are purchasing them from a reputable supplier than you should be just fine.

Fosters Fields candles as a rule never really had any fancy toppers, however this changed when I added a new hand poured cement vessel to the lineup. These Soy Candles were so time intensive that I wanted a little something extra to really make them pop, not only for myself but also for you guys!

When I add crystals to the tops of my soy candles, they are usually tiny chips however once in a while I will add a tumbled stone. There is some controversy about taking the stones off before lighting the candle. When I was talking with my husband about this Reddit post, he mentioned that most people are not going to remove them. He makes a valid point as this isn't mentioned in my candle care instructions, I guess I made an assumption that likely isn't correct. There may be some updating to my label production. Regardless, if you were to leave them on top of Fosters Fields candles there is little to zero chance of your small tumbled stone doing anything but sinking to the bottom of the melted wax. When following proper burning instructions, your soy candle will not generate enough heat to damage the crystals. And lastly, if you are going to add crystals to your soy wax your research because not all stones are suitable for the task!

In closing, I think I may need to take a closer look at Reddit to see how many candle posts exist on that platform and why does my husband rely on these threads to obtain so much information about so many different things!

If you have burned one of Fosters Fields Soy Candles, I would love to hear about your experience in the comments.

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