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Soy Candle Jars

If you have been following me for a while than you have watched my evolve in my candle making.

In the beginning I started with a cute 5oz glass jar, most of these vessels had some sort of color and fancy lids(that where crazy expensive). When I began the business of candle making, I didn’t have any experience in making them or more importantly pricing them. Because of this lack of knowledge it actually took me past hobby and into business many years later before I realized that these candles where actually costing me money. As I learned about this part of my new business, I realized it would be near impossible to raise these prices where they needed to be without making a lot of customers angry. And so started the search for a different vessel…country type jars. Not only did I love them but I was sure that all of my wonderful candle customers would love them. 

These jars are great, and they fit into pretty much any décor.  These jars have been a part of my Soy Candle collection for about 5 years and will likely continue to be a part for many years. I may switch up my candles from time to time but these will always be available, whether online or by custom order.

With that said, there has been thoughts bouncing around in my head about some new glass. I do prefer to have lids on most my candles however the new glass will be too puffy for lids…a little teaser!

If you are not familiar with Soy Wax, this wax burns clean and a really long time if properly trimmed and cared for. The glass jars that are currently available in my online store are approximately 50 hours of burn but usually a lot more. The trick is to trim them correctly and be patient to allow the wax to pool properly.

I really do love talking about candles, message me with all your questions or comments about my Soy Candle Jars.

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