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Sometimes I rant...

My post today is a little different. Not so much business but more life. Parenting to be exact, well parenting adults! 

I have 3 kids, but today is all about my oldest. I only center her out because the other 2 are too young to move out:)

Nobody really warns you as a parent that some day your babies will fly on their own. I mean you know this will happen but why aren't we told to prepare for this a little better? We spend all of our time caring for them,  making sure they have all they need to be happy or at least we try. We make sure they are fed, clothed and medicated when necessary(take this how you will lol). We do our best to teach them how to be the grown ups with less mistakes than we ourselves made. 

My oldest daughter has spent less and less time at home, in fact we haven't really seen her at home in a few weeks. She works in Kincardine and it makes no sense for her to make the drive to work every day from home when she works 6 days a week. Her official move out date will be coming up in the spring/summer so for now she is living 'out of a bag' as she puts it. As parents we want all the happiness in the world for our kids and I am told by a very smart lady that this will come full circle some day. Some day, my daughter will have more time for me again. And some, if not all days she still needs me standing here in the distant corner waiting to help her with anything she needs as she makes her way through this absolutely crazy world.

I sat the other day pondering my own feelings about the first kid leaving the nest and it hit me....I have to do this 2 more times!!! And I question my own parenting skills, drilling myself meticulously. Have I missed anything? Have I taught her all she needs to know? Does she know she's always welcome back? Is she eating enough? Does she need help with savings? Does she know I love her? Does she need anything? Is she safe when I don't hear from her for days? What if I've screwed this up, which means I am also screwing up the other 2???

Parent to parent, how do you do it? Perhaps my type A personality has a  harder time with change therefore making this a rather tricky transition. Or maybe I will just take a step back and observe, take a deep breath and know that after all the chaos is swept away from my thoughts...I know I have done the very best I can and she will be ok! My sassy little sidekick has grown into a beautiful, capable, strong women. Breathe! Just Breathe!

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Made myself a little teary too:)

Carrie Foster

Great blog C3arrie even though You made me teary😥❤

Mary English

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