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Soap and more...

Write a bog they said, its easy they also said. I must disagree, writing a blog is certainly not easy, especially when its a business blog. I mean I could ramble on about many things business or family but choosing the proper friendly blog that you all want to read is hard. I have so much to say about my business, what do you all want to know? I have so many opinions, some that know me well enough will a likely agree I like to give mine honestly!

Today, since its Fathers Day weekend, I will touch on my lineup of wonderful things for the men!

As we all know, many things we buy in the store are not always the best option when you are trying to stay away from junk on your skin. A few years back I began researching shave soaps. I was doing this for not only myself but mainly my oldest daughter who continued to buy that stuff we have all used in the aerosol can. Even though this idea came from a need that my family had, I wanted to target you guys who also wanted a junk free way to shave.

Fosters Fields shave soaps are made using ingredients that when combined into my hot process soap method will results in a dense bubble perfect for shaving. I didn't stop there, a nice shave requires after moisture. Many men these days seem to be going back to the old fashioned way of shaving, and lets be honest, its hard on your skin to shave. I formulated a shave oil that can be used a pre or post shave application. All of my shave products are made with a light essential oil blend of Rosewood and Mint.

I am so happy with these products, for you men but also for the ladies. The scent is very light and unisex. Have you tried my shave soap? What are your thoughts?

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Thank you, I am glad the recipient is enjoying the shave soap. I also use it and love it!


I have gifted the mens shaving soap and received great feedback from them wanting to get more.It also works well for ladies.I use it for myself The soap leaves your skin soft and well nourished

Mary English

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