Our Furry Family Members

Our Furry Family Members

Snuggle on in and put the soapy tools away for this blog, in a few short days is a special birthday in the Foster house. Parker, our mini schnauzer turns 5, where did that time go?

Ask me 10 years ago if there would be a day in my world that this small sized ball of love would be called my fur kid, the answer would of been NOPE. Don't get me wrong, I always loved dogs but they came with way more responsibilities than my cats. After the passing of both of my previous animals(cats), which my husband hated, he vowed we'd never have more animals in the house. Knowing cats where never an option, they came with the package when he met me and his asthma couldn't take any more after they had gone. It took some good ole fashioned whining on my kids part and convincing on my part to welcome Parker into the family, now my husband loves him but it didn't start of that way.

Onto the point of this blog today, do any of my readers have small breed dogs? Or any dogs? A few weeks back on one our daily walks, the busy downtown was so noisy. I had toned it mostly out by turning up the volume on my ear buds but I did notice the loud sounds of a fire truck siren headed our way. It took me a hot second to realize that Parker had started to howl, something I have never really heard him do. I felt horrible, was the siren hurting his ear? Did he sense danger? Thought nothing of it after I got him settled down but today the distant sound of an ambulance siren had him howling again. This time the vehicle was quite far away when he started to howl so I heard him right away. How could that be hurting his ears so far away? As it approached closer I bent down in an attempt to cover his little ears but he was frantic and having no part of my help. It was barely past us and Parker stopped howling.

Once the ambulance was past, he stopped howling, looked at me and bounced along his merry way. Yup, my dog knows my walking routine and where to turn...at least he should know his way home if anything where to happen to one of us!

My dog readers, have you seen this with your own dog? What happening to my fur baby?



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