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Of all the Waxes...Why Soy Wax?

Let’s start with saying, this blog will be mix of Fosters Fields with a little but of non business rantings once in a while. I want your input, what do you want to read about or learn? Did I miss something? Can I elaborate on something? I look forward to interacting with blog readers and hearing what you have to say about what I have wrote about. As I often tell my customers, I can’t make things better without the honest truth and I expect no less from this blog.

Since Candles started my business, I will start with a little introduction to Wax. There are many waxes on the market today but the most popular are Paraffin, Soy, Beeswax.

Paraffin Wax-This is the least expensive wax on the market. Paraffin Wax is a by-product in the oil production industry. The candles will put off a lot of soot residue, even if properly cared for between burns. Cleaning up after this wax as many likely know is a nightmare. There are many different thoughts within the candle community about the safety of this wax. I chose not to use this wax because of the many downsides I had read about in my research.

Beeswax-Made within the hives of our bees, this is a beautiful smelling wax. It burns quite warm and for a long time This type of wax is often left unscented (doesn’t hold a fragrance) which wasn’t what I wanted in my business. Beeswax is a natural wax that will burn a long time with very little soot. It is a very hard wax and clean up is not easy as I found out in my bath and body products(more on that later). If you choose to try Beeswax candles, please make sure to purchase locally, I made the mistake years ago in my Balms with purchasing non local and the quality and smell where very much not natural. Local bee farmers supply the highest quality as far as I am concerned😊

Soy Wax-This wax is a renewal vegetable wax made from soybeans. The oil is extracted and hydrogenated to form a solid product. There are a few reasons why I chose to work with soy wax.

1.It is a natural and renewal wax

2.It holds a fragrance well

3.It has a low melt temperature, thus making it safer around the home because even after a burn the wax shouldn’t be hot enough to burn your skin.

4.Soy Wax Burns for a very long time if properly cared for.

5.Because its more of an oil than a wax, clean up is super easy if you spill. And my clean up is super easy as a candle maker.


Soy wax does have a few downfalls. It is not an easy wax to work with and can be temperamental at times. It often leaves what we refer to as ‘frosting’ on the candles. I honestly believe this is the main reason why so many Soy Candle Makers don’t use colors in the candles. The white wax hides the frosting well. Fosters Fields Jars are almost always coloured and some will show case this frosting, you know the wax is 100% pure when you see this happening on your candles.

There are a few natural waxes that I may venture into some day. I haven’t yet because of the high costs involved with purchasing them. Someday!

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