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My Thoughts on New Years Resolutions

The New Year has arrived and like other years many of us have resolutions that start with great intentions in January only to loose their appeal by February or March! Back in my early 20's and maybe 30's I was absolutely one of those people who had unrealistic expectations for my year ahead, I can assure you I am no longer that person.

Now, I do like to dream about what could be without putting the pressure on myself to make it happen all year long. Instead, I sit and think about the things that could be possible for my year. And usually I break things down into a monthly or even weekly resolution type. The sense of accomplishment is far greater than the disappointment of never achieving  that thing you wanted that was too far fetched to achieve! Life seems to run smoother if I make small changes and I plan them, perhaps that is just my brain...perhaps not!

Now, getting to the point of this blog. After seeing vision boards all over pinterest, TikTok and other places I decided that it is my turn to try this method of manifesting. This involves time, where will I find that time you wonder??? Well, after many years of doing the same thing day in and day out with my life, this includes family and business, I recently became very aware that something isn't working. Things are not falling into place the way I imagined and continuing with the same effort will result in the same ending. This year will bring a new way of blending my family and business. This means changing a few things, my family and the things I love to do take a back burner to the hours I spend on my business which is not the way I intended when I began this business. In the weeks going forward I will be planning my strategy for making this transition a smooth and wonderful ride!

This transition will mean some changed to both family and business. Because I am somewhat a creature of habit, this change may prove difficult but I am excited to see the changes unfold into new and wonderful things!

If you are reading this and have any words of wisdom about running a business while raising a family, please comment!

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