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Enjoy the Moments

Hello everyone, today is July 3 and its also my Birthday. But I am not doing this blog post to advertise that its my special but rather to recognize what we all try to forget.

Today I turn 48 years old. I am not one of those women who are embarrassed about their age, in fact I am the complete opposite. Don't get me wrong, there are those days when I wake up stiff and sore and remember that I am not 25 years old any more but most days I am happier being past all those earlier years. I think about how lucky I am to be here enjoying a healthy life as many people struggle with illness or hardships. I think about the ups and downs that got me to where I am today, the blocks that built me into the women I am today.

Lets break it down just a little shall we. I grew up in a wonderful loving family. Which baffles me to this day why I was such a horrendous pain in the ass during my teen years, with temperament issues. I rebelled in my 20's and married a man that lead me down a dark whole that eventually ended in divorce. The only good thing to come from that was my amazing oldest daughter who likely saved me from a life of reckless behavior. And so I spent about 3.5 years as a single mom, caring for her and learning about myself and who I wanted to become. When she was about 4 years old my world was forever changed when I met the man who would show me what potential a real relationship had. He never batted an eye at my past and accepted and loved the package that was her and I. Now 17 years later, 2 more kids and a bit of a whirl wind later and here I am at 48!

If all that crazy life wasn't enough, the last few years have shown me that crazy isn't done yet. Mother Nature is a wicked lady. She's thrown me back to 13 years old with addition of hot flashes and weight gain. I spent many years working on myself and loving the body I had. After having 3 kids, with my biggest baby being 10.5 lbs, I had some self loving to do to accept the new body I was in. After all that work, I find myself battling hormonal weight gain that simply won't budge. Now I feel like I am  back at square one, trying to accept the way I have again changed.

And with that I like to remind myself and my kids, never judge a book by its cover. You can't know the journey that everyone else is taking. What big or small mountains they have climbed or are climbing? We spend far too much time judging, especially us women. I am not perfect, there is judgement, but never out loud at that person. Some days I remind myself that I am more than just what people see and the lucky ones will get a peak inside the soul that is me!

Today I am a happy, healthy, wife and mother of 3 who happens to be 48 years old. I wish all the happiness to everyone else whether your 28 or 48. Learn from your mistakes and love your life.

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Thank you, its an honest one!

Carrie Foster

WOW !!! beautiful ,now you made me teary.Loved your blog.

Mary English

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