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Luxury Milk Soap

Luxury Milk Soap or LMS have been around for many years, it is a wonderful way to add moisture and bubbles to your soap bar. Many soap makers use goats milk which is what Fosters Fields LMS started with. Over the years I have been asked multiple times about making a vegan milk soap, which was an easy decision to make as goats milk powder was getting hard to find at my suppliers. These wonderfully bubbly bars are now made with coconut milk, sometimes I use the real deal and sometimes its a powder form. Either way, milk is a wonderful addition to your soap.

Coconut is rich in antioxidants, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. It can be very soothing to trouble skin as well as nourishing to aging skin. Our handmade milk bars will cleanse you skin and moisturize for a spa like feeling with every use.

For simplicity, we will be using the same recipe as LAS. I would like you to take notice of the difference a single ingredient makes on your skin.

Olive Oil 136g

Palm Oil 136g

Coconut Oil 136g

Shea Butter 45.5g

Water 172g

Lye  65g

This would make a lovely unscented soap for a first time soaper, it is calculated for making 1 lb of soap with a 5% superfat

This soap can be made with real milk or powder, we will do this with powder today.

1. Measure the lye and water, use safely precautions for this step. Before moving on to step 2, pour roughly 25g of the water into a separate bowl to which you will add 10g of coconut milk powder. Mix well to incorporate and set aside. Use the remainder of the water to carry on to step 2.

2.Carefully add the lye to the water in a well ventilated area. Mix until the crystals are disolved.

3. Let that sit while you measure the oils. Once weighed, gently melt the oils on a double broiler.

4. When the lye mixture and the oil mixture has cooled slightly, to about 120 degree F, slowly add the lye mixture to the oil mixture followed by the coconut milk mixture you made and set aside.

5. Use you hand blender to mix until your reach trace. Pour into your mold and allow to rest for 24 hours before unmolding and cutting.

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