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Let's Pour Candles!

Hello my wonderful blog readers. 

Ever wanted to make candles? Which wax, how much, jars or tins. So many questions to ask yourself before  you even start.

When I started pouring candles, vessels where much cheaper and easier to find. Over the years the costs of vessels and availability has sky rocketed. Fosters Fields first candles were poured in 5 ounce jars that came with plastic lids. Tin vessels were also available at a decent price back then so I incorporated both of these into my business. 

Fast forward to pre-worldly chaos, I found the jars that are currently a part of my candle lineup. While I had thought I'd found a never ending supply of glass jars that my customers all liked. Sadly I was thrown into the same glass shortage as many of my fellow small business folk when Covid shut down the world around us. It took many months for my suppliers to get on top of this back log and so the research began on how to make my own vessels.

Today I have a selection of cement vessel candles. These vessels are poured 2 at a time currently(molds are insanely expensive) and than they are sealed with eco friendly sealant and filled to the top with scented wax. While I intend to keep the jars that you all have seen over the years, the new cement vessels are beautiful and multi purchase after your candle is done. I also have a new jar that has hit the shelf of 1 store that I am currently stocking.

With all that said, candles are fun to make and smell amazing but there are a few things to remember when trying to make your own.

1. Soy Wax(or any wax) can only hold so much fragrance. The manufacturer has this information and it should be followed. Also, all fragrances are NOT made equal. And as much as I love essential oils, they don't make great candles in my experience.

2. A wick is not simply a wick! And even after you measure the vessel and think you have the correct wick, fragrance/color can effect the way the wax burns. Every new fragrance should be tested if your selling them, its time consuming but necessary.

3. A candle can't be poured in just anything, its need to be candle safe:)

4. Soy Wax requires a certain temperature to add fragrance and a lower certain temperature to pour. Again, the supplier has this information

5. The soy wax I use requires a cure period, not all waxes have that!

Sometimes I think about teaching soy wax candle making, there are so many little things you learn that may not be a part of the manufacturer's information. Would you be interested in learning? Should I just post some recipes or would you attend a class?

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