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Luxury Artisan Soap Making

So, you have shopped around Fosters Fields soap and you notice that there are different options available. But why and what are they?

Today we chat about LAS, better known as Luxury Artisan Soap. You may notice me posting in this short form as well for simplicity.

Fosters Fields Luxury Artisan Soap is our tried and true recipe with just a few minor tweaks over the years. This collection is the soap recipe I came to love many years ago when I started this journey. Our Artisan collection is made of Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Castor Oil and Shea. There are sometimes other minor additives like clays, fragrance, essential oils and sugar to mention a few. 

Our handmade bars are nourishing and quite firm making them last a really long time. All of our soaps are formulated around sensitive skin however if you are super sensitive we suggest starting with an unscented bar or an essential oil bar from any of our soaps.

Although I am not ready to share the exact recipe with you, it took me some time to master the ingredients. I do want to share a recipe that you may try as a new soap maker. The recipe I will share does have a higher content of coconut oil than I typically use but its a great recipe to start making soap.

Please note, this recipe has been put through a soap calculator. If you make any alterations, it must be run through a soap calculator again. This recipe requires a good scale, lye safe bowls, gloves/safety glasses, hand blender and spatulas and of course some form a mold.

Olive Oil 136g

Palm Oil 136g

Coconut Oil 136g

Shea Butter 45.5g

Water 172g

Lye  65g

This would make a lovely unscented soap for a first time soaper, it is calculated for making 1 lb of soap with a 5% superfat

1. Measure the lye and water, use safely precautions for this step.

2.Carefully add the lye to the water in a well ventilated area. Mix until the crystals are disolved.

3. Let that sit while you measure the oils. Once weighed, gently melt them on a double broiler.

4. When the lye mixture and the oil mixture have cooler slightly, to about 120 degree F, slowly add the lye mixture to the oil mixture.

5. Use your hand blender to mix until your reach trace(please refer to my other posts for explanation). Pour into your mold and allow to rest for 24 hours before unmolding and cutting.

Comment below how your soap turned out.

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