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Jingle Bells

As many of you may know, my business started with Soy Candles. My first vessels where a 6oz jar that held about 5oz nicely of scented soy wax. They had a very plain plastic lid and to be quite frank, I wasn't a big fan of these. 

Fast forward a few years and a lot of research and new glass jars with fancier lids became my vessel of choice. These were easily accessible and met the requirements of blending into almost any home decor. This was all going extremely well until COVID hit the country and supplies began to be in short supply. And than absolutely no supply which was going to quickly become a problem for the numerous candle business folk:)

soy candle, scented, wood wick tin

Now, I knew I wanted to stock up on glass jars once they returned to the market but in the mean time I needed a vessel to pour my soy wax into and so began more research. It seems my business spends a great deal of time researching things:) I found that cement seemed to be a great choice, along with some expensive molds...which is why I have only a few of each. It wasn't all easy though, I couldn't find Cement All near Hanover and opted to try local fast setting cement, FAIL. In the end I found myself driving to the city to pick up bags of the well known Cement All because it seems that this can't be shipped. 

scented 8oz soy candle, scented soy candle jar, birthday cake scent

Today I offer my Soy Candles in beautiful glass jars as well as hand poured cement vessels. My busienss has truly come a long way in 12 years, from 1 product to many and everything in between. As much work as it is, I love my business and will continue to strive for the best in every aspect of it. And I will continue to appreciate every single person who has supported me along the way, not matter how big or small the support...I love it all!

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