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Fosters Fields meets Eluethra

Its been some time since I posted a personal blog so here goes...we took a vacation!

If you follow me on FB or IG, you will have seen the beautiful pictures I posted about our trip to Eluethra Bahamas. This was our first time taking our younger kids away, we took our oldest daughter away to Mexico years ago. Now I know some of you are likely asking yourselves, how is it a family vacation when a person is missing? Well our oldest lives on her own now and taking her and her spouse away was not really something we could do financially. We chatted with her about this and she was ok with our decision! We definitely missed sharing the experience with her!


Our trip to the island was a short plant ride, taking about 3 1/2 hours and 2 planes, one of which was somewhat sketchy and held about 10 passengers. Once we arrived on the island, things went smoothly to get to our accommodations, which was called The Tree House. We stayed on the North side of the island which I believe is the smaller, less built up part of Eluethra. Because of this we saw the authentic side of the island. People were pretty friendly and the water on the side we stayed was absolutely stunning. 


Something that became abundantly clear right away was the lack of places to eat or shop and the very high prices of food at the grocery store. We were fortunate enough to make a lot of our meals at The Tree House however we did eat out a few times. Though the effort and hospitality was there, we found the food a little mundane. The wonderful locals did there best with what they had and were very proud of they restaurants. I was happy to support them, however if you travel here, be kind and understand you aren't going to a high tourist destination but rather a small island.  


While on the island we visited some off road little beaches and cool sightings. There are crystal clear beaches everywhere and we were told that they were all open to anyone. The wonderful part of this was that most beaches were small and we were the only ones there most the time. My husband and oldest daughter spent a lot of time snorkelling. Our son enjoyed snorkelling but wasn't as keen as our daughter and preferred to read his books by the ocean breeze. 


 If we travel back to the island, I hope to stay at the same location. It was amazing, the ocean breeze was almost constant so even though we had no AC, there was no real issues with the heat. This is saying a lot for me as I am not a fan of the heat and require AC at the first signs of summer:)


I would highly recommend Eluethera if you are looking for a place to go and relax without the chaos of most southern resorts. The beautiful water and authentic nature of the island was outstanding.

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