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Foot Care Made Easy!

Let us take a moment to appreciate the simplicity of the perfectly simple fix to everyone's worst annoyance. Scratchy feet that are dry and cracked. 

Fosters Fields Pedi Sticks are the tool you will need to moisturize and soften the families feet. I formulated these sticks right around the time I was starting to make soap. They are also the same recipe now as they were then, don't fix what is not broken...right. 

Pedi Sticks were formulated with those in mind that hate using lotions and creams. I was not prepared for the amount of wonderful positive feedback on these foot fixers from both women and men. 

The early years of Pedi Sticks was before I starting to make the switch to a more earth friendly packaging system. Pedi Sticks were packaged in a regular plastic deodorant tube, not only did this waste a lot of product but the plastic had to go! Fast forward a few years and the recipe of Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, and luxurious oils has been updated to an eco friendly push up tube with a NO WASTE bottom.

Now lets get to the reason I choose to post about these foot balms. They make wonderful Christmas stocking stuffers! Whether you or someone you know has dry cracked feet, or maybe they are going on a winter get away south, men or women..Pedi Sticks are a wonderful addition to your naturally made bath and body collection.

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