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Festive Season

Hello, how are you all doing on this 'non winter' day so close to Christmas?

As we quickly sore through the days leading to Christmas, its important to take a step back and just enjoy the season. As a business women and Mom who does not have a handle on her stress and anxiety, this is far easier said that done for myself and likely most of us.

This year our Christmas is a little different, my oldest daughter moved out on her own last spring and won't be here on Christmas morning. Although she is making her visit on Christmas Eve, somehow it is not the same. I hold my feeling pretty close as to not upset my other 2 kids however my son said at super last night 'Mom, why can't she stay here for Xmas? Its won't be the same without her!" And to that I agreed but also explained as best I could about the importance of enjoying the time we have on Eve with our family together.

As we continued with our supper and that conversation, we also found ourselves talking about other families and what they may or may not have this season. Some have lost their jobs and won't be able to have the gifts that we take for granted, some have lost members due to death or family feud, some kids have parents that are not willing to celebrate or are not nice to their children. We reminded our son that no snow should not really dampen our spirits as some families have far worse going on in their lives. And so I found myself a little sad inside but also happy, reminding my kids that despite our families imperfections, we are truly lucky to have the things that we sometimes take for granted, including our close family members.

As we cleaned up from supper and ended our chat about change, I realized that I needed to listen to my own words. Traditions are heartwarming but just as I changed many years ago so will all 3 of my kids as they grow up into their own lives. My hope is that they will blend their childhood traditions into there own new ones thus making there own memories.

Merry Christmas to everyone, enjoy your families with all your own wonderful traditions. As big or as small as they may be, they are yours to enjoy!

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