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Fosters Fields Makes Solid Dish Soap

Well I must say that my diligence to get these blogs done has fallen by the wayside the last few weeks. Kids are out of school, summer holidays are in full swing and my husband has decided that we need to cram our summer into July before he leaves for work in August.

With that said, lets talk about my new dish soaps. A little over a year ago I began working on a soap that could replace my liquid dish detergent. I decided, like many of my household items, that the plastic bottle had to go! I needed something that was tough on grease and eco friendly that would also last! I wanted to have a syndet bar because these don't require any curing time. After many attempts at a recipe that would stand up to not only myself but my family doing dishes, these didn't make the cut. 

I took the few ingredients I knew would make my dish soaps amazing and began reformulating a cold process soap. This type of soap making is ancient, it is similar to baking a cake from scratch. Each ingredient is carefully chosen for what it can bring to the recipe. Coconut oil is an important part of many soap recipes, producing a hard bar with lots of bubbles. It is also very cleansing, too cleaning to use in high amounts in body bars. With Fosters Fields Luxury Soaps, the range of coconut oil in a recipe is about 20-23%, a balance between taking advantage of the bubbly benefits while still having a gentle body bar that won't dry out you skin.

I took advantage of coconut oil and its cleaning properties to formulate a recipe that would tackle the job of greasy dishes, adding a few other oils and butter to balance it out and BAM...Foster Fields Solid Dish Soaps where perfected. Now, these soap sit by my sink and have cleaned so many greasy dishes and stood the test of time without fading away into a puddle of goo. With handmade soaps, the trick to a long life is keeping them out of standing water between uses. Fosters Fields Soap Dishes work perfectly for keeping you body bars or dish soaps dry when not in use.

These Dish Soaps are now available online and will likely make an appearance in a few other places that my Fosters Fields products are sold in.

From our home to yours, eco friendly handmade Dish Soaps!

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