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Back to school means back to work!

As we wrap up the summer and get back into the swing of things I relish in my time alone to be quiet and focus on myself. My youngest 2 children made their way back to school yesterday and although I love my quiet time I also realize that each school year brings them closer to independence. This has become even more apparent as I watch my oldest become a young adult, move out and begin her life's journey. We are meant to raise our children to become adults who can thrive in our ever changing world, nobody tells us about the separation anxiety that accompanies this huge job!

Anyway, food for thought as I get my act together and finally get back to business on a regular basis. Yup, the summer brings a slow down for Fosters Fields business work. I try every summer to get all my Fall/Winter/Xmas stuff done and every 1st day of school I sit down and realize I have accomplished next to nothing all summer...accept raising these little people to be the best they can be.

With the last long weekend of the summer just past, my other job had me working yesterday so today is the day to get my lists organized. If you are a soap maker, than you will understand why my list isn't getting done at this very moment because all I can think about is what type of soap I want to make and what colors and do I add milk to it or not? Before I can get to business I find myself distracted with so many things, tell me I am not alone on the distractions? Perhaps it is my age or maybe just the shear amount of work that needs to get done with only myself to do it or maybe it is something else.

If you have followed my socials, you will know I purchased a few really awesome soap molds and today I hope to fill 4 of my loafs. As I type this blog I am also contemplating what scents I have left on the shelf, which ones are getting low and which are favorites that must be done first! So with a mind full of marbles I am off to get started, hopefully this reaches a few of you before I go live on IG so you can take part in the process.

From my home to yours, Luxury Handmade Soaps are on my agenda today!

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