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Luxury Beer Soap

Fosters Fields LBS, better known as Luxury Beer Soap is a powerhouse of skin nutrients in a simple bar of soap.

These bars are made with beer made locally in Hanover ON, all the water content is actually beer. This requires a little extra prep, the beer needs to be boiled to remove the carbonation and alcohol. This is not a step you should skip. The bubbles may cause a reaction with the lye when mixed. 

Beer contains hops which have amino acid, these acids soften and moisturize your skin. The sugars in the beer produces a wonderfully dense foamy lather. These bars may be helpful for problem skin such as acne and eczema as well as adding a layer of moisture to dry skin.

When it comes to soap additives and skin loving ingredients, there is a lot of controversy on the internet between soap makers. I won't go into details, but I will tell you that a good bar of plain soap if formulated just right can be just as amazing as a fancy soap but there is something to be said for a little added love in your skin care. I firmly believe that some ingredients do help make the bar a little nicer however some ingredients are simply for selling appeal. Fosters Fields soaps are made with simple ingredients, you won't often find strange food or other ingredients claiming to do amazing things in our soaps. The additives I use are chosen for the property they bring to our bars. Every soap maker has their reasoning for what they produce and I see a ton a beautiful soaps that are both simple and extravagant. LBS are among our simpler bars but they pack a punch in skin loving ingredients and bubbly fresh smelling lather!

Have you tried a Fosters Fields LBS? What did you think? Comment below with you thoughts!

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