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Natural Soy Candle Jar

Natural Soy Candle Jar

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Fosters Field Soy Candle Jars are hand poured in house using high quality wax and fragrances. 

Each crystal clear jar is filled with 6 ounces of wax. These soy candle have various tops and are almost always poured with colored wax. If you have a special request for scent and tops, please reach out prior to placing an order to discuss the possibilities. Soy Candle Jars will burn for approximately 50 hours with proper wick trimming.

Natural Soy Wax

  • Burns cleaner
  • Burns Longer
  • Burns cooler which means it is safer(nobody should be burnt is accidental spill happens)
  • Clean up easily with warm soapy water
  • Non toxic(no harmful junk)
  • renewable and earth friendly

Scent Selection

  1. Make a Wish- A top seller, reminiscent of soft feminine perfume. A beautiful burn.
  2. Unicorn Farts-Creamy Vanilla with mix of exotic fruit. Magical!
  3. Gingersnap Cookie-Warm, spicy baked cookies
  4. Pina Colada-Smell just like the drink, a beautiful memory of summer with coconut and island fruit.
  5. Fir and Spruce-The perfect fall and winter. For those who love the smell of spruce but don't want to hike the forest.
  6. Date Night-A cologne type candle, formulated for the men in our lives who also enjoy a little nice smelling ambiance.
  7. Whispering Flowers-A gentle blend of Lily of the Valley and Lilacs, this is a softer burning floral candle.
  8. Time to Party-A wonderfully chocolate cake smell, topped with whipped soy and sprinkles.

Getting the most of our your Fosters Fields Natural Soy Candle 

  1. When you bring home your Fosters Fields Soy Candle, trim the wick to 1/4 each. This should be done prior to each burn, it helps eliminate the soot that can occur from a flame that dances too large. Your candle should remain lit until it reaches a melt pool across the top of the vessel. Be patient, this will take a few hours. Don't burn your Fosters Fields candle more the 4-5 hours. Once your candle has been burns about half way down the vessel, less burn time is required to reach the full pool.

Never leave you candle unattended. 


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