Natural Soy Wax

Fosters Fields Soy Candles are hand poured in small batches to ensure recipe accuracy using natural soy wax with a paper wick.  Soy candles are cleaner and longer burning than other waxes on the market, they also have virtually no soot residue while burning. This natural wax is free of harsh chemicals that are found in other waxes, such as paraffin. Though nobody intends an accidental wax spill, if it does happen you’ll easily clean up the soy wax with soap and water.

You may see ‘blooming’ or ‘frosting’ on the tops of my candles, this is normal for soy wax. When I first started with soy I aimed for a completely perfect top, this however wasn’t working the way I had hoped. While reading more and more about soy I realized that this is just the way soy is, in fact it’s a tell tale sign that your candle is naturally soy. I have decided it actually makes each candle unique and am leaving the pretty frosted tops on my candles!

 I am confident anyone will enjoy the scents I currently have to offer. Fosters Fields candles have an excellent scent throw, meaning you will smell the fragrance right to the bottom of the candle.  In fact, they actually throw their scent even when not lit which is why I provide lids for all my candles.  When your candle has burnt to the last drop, feel free to bring back the pretty jar for a discounted refill in the same or different fragrance

Fosters Fields Essential Oil Candles are made with the same natural wax as all other candles, however these aromatherapy candles are scented with pure therapeutic essential oil. Essential oils have their own benefits depending on the oils used, relaxing, invigorating and energizing to name a few.  Aromatherapy candles are used for their therapeutic benefits and do smell very pretty however they are not meant to be as strong smelling as a fragrance oil. Essential Oil candles are made to order upon request.

Apple Pie-Juicy apple baked with cinnamon with just a hint of sweet crust.

Angel Wings-A beautiful blend of baby powder and flowers.

Country Bumpkin-Pumpkin and apples mingled with the spices of ginger and nutmeg. A wonderful fall scent.

Maple Sugar-Pure Canadian  indulgence in this jar, sweet and warm just like the candy!

Mist-Crisp and clean with hints of floral, pine and citrus.

Muskoka Lodge-Just like being at the cottage, hints of pine paired with twigs and berries.

Oak Barrel-A spicy fragrance with hints of apple and berries.

Perfect Storm-A handsome blend of ambers, cedarwood and earthy greens. Many tell me it smells like a handsome man!

Orange with Ginger-Orange with Ginger is a softly scented candle, resembling more ginger than orange. It has a slightly floral scent that is delicate yet appealing to man or woman.

Vanilla Spice-Creamy vanilla and cinnamon, a beautiful baking scent!


 Now offering ‘buy 5, get 1 free’ cards, because I truly appreciate every single person who has supported my little business!

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