About Me



My name is Carrie, owner and founder of Fosters Fields. My husband and I with our 3 kids live in the small town of Hanover Ontario Canada where I make all my products. After living in the country for a few years, we realized how much simpler life would be for us and our oldest daughter if we lived within walking distance of shopping, schools and of course her friends. For now, we love our new home and the town in which we live!

I started this business from an idea my wonderful husband planted in my head about making my own candles since I love to burn so many of them. Soy wax is a wonderful, clean burning option for those of us who want to keep things natural  and do not welcome unwanted chemicals into our homes. Shortly after opening with my candles I decided to venture into a few batches of hand made soap. I had been using other soapers bars for years and always had an interest in trying it myself however the ‘lye’ factor scared me off a little. After much research and trial recipes I was hooked on soap making and wanted to share this with everyone.  It is truly amazing what a good bar of old fashioned soap can do for your skin. I have since added my lip balms, salves, bath salts, pedi-sticks, lotions, scrubs and bath bombs to my line. I am continuously working on new recipes. I myself have sensitive skin and in the past have been careful what I buy to put onto my own skin. I now love that I control all the ingredients that are put into my products and that they are safe for my family and yours!

My products are currently sold from my home in Hanover as well as the many craft shows and events in Grey/Bruce Counties that I participate in. You can also purchase through my website, or even place an order for future pickup. Thank you to all my family and customers who have supported my small business, and I hope you can continue to enjoy my hand made soy candles, soaps and future products.

Having a family that is so patient and supportive makes life a little easier when starting a small business, I consider myself very lucky to have that.  I have many thoughts and ideas for the future to add to my Fosters Fields collection and look forward to sharing them with everyone!

Fosters Fields